We are passionate about South Australia. Show your passion for where you live by sharing your photos. Our aim is to bring the best SA has to offer, from South Australians to you. There are many ways to explore SA. You can explore the sights, places, food, wine and simply have fun attending many of our festivals. Let us explore SA through photos. Feel free to download any photos you like for your project or commercial needs. We are giving you a license to download images from Our gallery. No need for any link back or credits if you don’t want to. If you upload any images, you are agreeing to allow anyone to download those images from Our website ‘free’ of charge and under the same license as Ours. You are also declaring that the images you are uploading are not copyrighted to some other entity or body. Why are we doing this? Because when We needed images from around SA, we found there was a lack of images freely available to use without having to pay for them. Images uploaded in our galleries from ILOVESA have been taken by us or donated to us by our friends and are free for you to use. We ask You to join us in Our endeavour to provide images from around SA for free.

our mission

To share our passion for life in South Australia

We want to share photos from around South Australia. It is a fun way of sharing where we live and what we love. You are welcome to download them for free and contribute your photos.

Recently, when we needed to find some photos for use in a project, we found it hard to get any free photos for South Australia. We decided to setup a website offering free photos for commercial or non-commercial use, free of any copyright or monetary charge. For you to use.

Yes, it is correct. All images are provided free of charge and with no copyright restrictions. We want us all to share our passion for South Australia. As someone said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let us share our photos. Click on upload to share your photos.

PK Gupta, Founder - I Love South Australia, in Conversation with ABC radio about his passion for South Australia

Once upon a time….I had to decide on which city to come to in Australia. I read through the Lonely Planet guide and chose Adelaide in South Australia. On a Sunday afternoon, I arrived at Adelaide. I did not know anyone in South Australia. It has been an interesting journey. I have lived here since. Made lots of friends, found love, raised a family and years later, I feel as though I have lived here all my life. The people are friendly, there are lots of places to see, soak up the hospitality, friendliness of the locals, enjoy the variety of the food and wine, and in general, have a great time. I love South Australia. I believe in being passionate about what I love and sharing it with everyone. The idea of I Love SA was born from this simple idea. I have found like minded people in SA and now from I it has become ‘We’. We want everyone living in SA to share their love and passion for South Australia.